Think-In! Key Features

Start Reading and Think-In

Think-In allows early and emergent readers to develop and practice essential reading comprehension strategies with any book. Students are empowered to start reading and Think-In.

Record Your Think-In

The app allows students to orally record their Think-In for each comprehension strategy.

Save and Share Your Think-In

With just one click, student work gets saved as a movie that can easily be shared via email to a parent or teacher, or sent to a class blog.

Endless Possibilities

Think-In can be used anywhere as a tool for practice, assessment, reflection and communication. This makes the experience fun and the possibilities for think work endless.

Whatever way you choose to use Think-In, remember to be positive and encouraging. Our goal is not only to make children strong readers, but to create independence and a love for reading. Celebrate the reading behaviors you wish to see more of.

Happy Think-In!

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